We supercharge your sport event

SEAMX is an all-in-one sport event management platform, providing you with easy-to-use yet powerful tools that helps you maximize returns from your sport event.

We developed a unique platform based on years of university research on sport event management and hands on experience from four Olympic Games and numerous global competitions.

SEAMX makes event planning easy

With a few simple clicks, you will be able to create your sport event. One event with several races? No problem! It’s all in one place!


Create and start managing your own sport event with few clicks


Start the registration cycle instantly by publishing your website and app


Run seamlessly a variety of projects and tasks as we have simplified the planning process of your sport event

Streamline the workflow of your sport event

& Payment Solutions

Easily set up registration and online payment systems, or integrate with your existing website

Results & Certificates

Make mobile-ready results immediately available and let participants print fully branded certificates

Custom Branded
Application & Website

Effortlessly create fully customizable great-looking website and app for your sport event

Social Media Intergration

Instant sharing to social media and personal online channels

One Point

Managing everything you need in a central easy to use admin panel.

Volunteer Co-ordination

Attract, register, schedule, manage, communicate and reward your volunteers

Manage every
aspect of your event

Setup the powerful all in one dashboard easily and fast. The easy to use dashboard includes all necessary tools for planning and managing every aspect of your sport event.

One complete solution specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the sport event manager.

Attract more visitors

Easily create and manage fully branded website and app for your sport event. Build an engaged community of runners throughout the whole purchase cycle and deliver great seamless experiences.

Synchronized with the most
popular technologies

Our all in one solution was designed to help you achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity while organizing your sport event. That’s why our system integrates with other popular platforms.

Your event
powered by our knowledge

As a spin-off university company we combine rigorous scientific research with hands on experience from a variety of sport events around the globe to help sport event organizers maximize returns.

Ready to build your next event with SEAMX?